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Partner Highlights

Alaska Career Information System

An overview “What is AKCIS?”

  • Working with Adults in AKCIS
  • Assessments, Occupation Research, Planning and Education/Training
  • Reporting and other Administration tasks for site/agency accounts

There are many things to we will cover to help connect with educators, service providers, case managers and administrators serving youth and adults in Employment and Training programs. ACPE’s services are for all Alaskans across the ages.


Alaska Tribal Liaison Interagency Group

Alaska Tribal Liaison Interagency Group is presenting on Tues. at 3pm in Tubughnenq 4.  ATLIG will host a series of short presentations from both Federal and State Tribal Liaisons on current activities within their respective agencies.  There will be time for a short Q & A session with each agency presenting.


American Indian Alaska Native Tourism Association

American Indian Alaska Native Tourism Association will host a session on Tuesday at 1:15pm in Tubughnenq 4.  AIANTA is a national non-profit dedicated to advancing Indian Country tourism across the United States.  They will provide free technical assistance for developing, sustaining, and growing cultural tourism- specifically, they will work with Tribes to develop a web page at free of cost.


BIA Office of Justice Service

BIA Office of Justice Service will be presenting on Wednesday at 3pm in Tubughnenq 5 on partnering opportunities they are making available to Tribes in Alaska.


Census Bureau

The Census Bureau will be available in the One on One room for appointments Tuesday afternoon and all day on Wednesday to provide information about the 2020 Census and how Tribes and Tribal Members can ensure their people are counted completely and correctly.


Federal Emergency Management Agency

Federal Emergency Management Agency is presenting on Tues. at 1:15pm in Tikhatnu D.  FEMA has been our partner for a number of years and provides presentations on updates to their agency and how it affects Tribes.  This year they will focus on Pre-Disaster Mitigation Funding Opportunities available to Tribes.


Food Insecurity and Federal Food Programs

Food Insecurity and Federal Food Programs. Presented by Courtney Osolnik, Food Bank of Alaska. Located in Theater 1 on the first floor, Idlughet 3 on Wednesday from 10 a.m. until 11:45 a.m.


Prevention and Recovery Opioid Panel

The US Department of Agriculture is presenting on Tuesday at 3 p.m. in  Tikhatnu D. The USDA will be leading an Opioid Panel called “Prevention and Recovery.”


Seattle Support Center

Seattle Support Center presentations will cover fuel order submission, booking application, and drafting site narratives.  There will be a review of DLA requirements for submission, that should be added to the fuel contract.

SSC presentations are scheduled for Nov. 28, 2018:

  • Self-Determination track:  8 am – 9:45am  2nd Floor K’enakatnu
  • Energy track:  10 – 11:45am  3rd Floor TikahtnuD
  • Indian Affairs Loan Guarantee Program:  1- 1:30 pm  Tubughnenq 4
  • Seattle Support will also be available in the one on one room for appointments.

Snowmobile Trails and Open Water

Snowmobile Trails and Open Water presented by Pat Sampson, Orutsaramiut on Wednesday from 1 pm. until 2:45 pm. in Theater 1 on the first floor, Idlughet 3.


Tribal Loan Guarantee Program

The Deptartment of Energy Loans Program Office is presenting at 8 a.m. on Wednesday in Tubughnenq 5.  They will be providing an overview of the Tribal Energy Loan Guarantee Program available to Tribes.